We create products and services for plant collectors, sellers, and hobbyists.

By cultivating strong connections with houseplant growers and breeders, we want to enable everyone interested in rare and uncommon houseplants to collect with confidence and support all houseplant lovers in improving their growing experience.

As much as I nurture the plants in my collection, they, in fact, nurture me. My collection is a reflection of my mental health and soul, and I’ve learned so much about myself through caring for it. 

— Tanya Quintieri

Our Projects

The following project has made it out of the ideation stage and is being brought to life at this very moment. Please get in touch if you are interested in supporting us or want to join us on this journey.

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In the making

Who are the minds behind Hortikult?

Meet the founders, Jos Vanden Abeele and Tanya Quintieri.

Jos Vanden Abeele

Jos is a proud resident of Ghent and an enthusiastic plant parent. His profound love for tropical houseplants has been a lifelong affair, leading him to establish Best Buds in May 2020.

He holds a degree in Bio-Engineering (specializing in agriculture) from the esteemed University of Ghent. His academic journey ignited a passion for developing and researching new plant hybrids, a commitment forming his work’s cornerstone.

Looking ahead, Best Buds stands as a pioneering Belgian startup specializing in developing, producing, and commercializing unique tropical houseplants. The production processes are meticulously designed with sustainability at their core, ensuring every step respects our environment.

Jos firmly believes in the boundless creative power of imagination, a force that propels him to envision and develop the next generation of houseplants. Join him on this green adventure, where innovation meets nature, and together, we can cultivate a greener, more vibrant future.

Tanya Quintieri

Tanya is a US citizen with German roots currently based in Czechia. She looks back on a career of 20+ years in international corporate communications, marketing, and multilingual web design. In this capacity, she’s known as Mrs. Divi.

The mother of three started caring for houseplants early on: At 5 years old, she was responsible for watering her grandmother’s houseplants. Today, her own houseplant collection spans over 700, with most of them being aroids.

A true networker at heart with a strong belief in sharing knowledge rather than hoarding it for oneself, Tanya loves to build communities around common interests. From founding an association for language experts to most recently initiating the FACEPLNT event series, what she does is always about people, plants, and/or the planet.

With Hortikult, Tanya aspires to spark and develop ideas, bring together investors, and deliver groundbreaking products and services to plant people around the globe. The projects listed above are just the start of this new journey she’s embarked on.